Our History

adeusa signADEUSA is a philanthropic not for profit organization whose primary objective is to contribute and promote the integral development of all people in the material, conscious and spiritual living with God.

We respect the culture and credence of all people. Our principles are based on respect and the free will of all people. We have the firm conviction that every person has an infinite amount of values and potential that they can use to transform their lives and those around them. We believe in living in peace and the respect toward all living beings, the laws of nature, man and Divinity. Based on this premise, our organization projects and realizes programs in benefit of the community, the environment and mankind in general communicating a clear message to people of all ages.

ADEUSA was founded by the writer, journalist and Dr. Honorius and Causa of the University of Los Pueblos in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Mr. Efrain Villegas Quintero (M Desoto). He initiated a program in benefit of the community from the beginning establishing not for profit organization on March 25, 1986 in New York. ADEUSA is affiliated with FIADASEC- International Federation of Associations for Social, Ecological and Cultural Studies. Our headquarters is located in the Dominican Republic and is one of 14 founded by Mr. Quintero that shares the same norms, principles and ideals. Our associations are located in Latin America, U.S and Europe. ADEUSA is also affiliated with the United Nations – ECOSOC.

ADEUSA’s foundation of philosophy and work are based on three areas;

  1. Social Aid Area

  2. Ecological Area

  3. Cultural Area