Cultural Area

Promoting the culture of the soul, consciousness education to benefit people making around us, the nature and purpose of the Creator. The association ADEUSA , as its name implies, was created with clear objectives and defined, within which stands the cultural study of our humanity, with special brilliance to enhance captivating, how beautiful it is to be part of a society, and therefore, of a cultured humanity, educated, responsible, especially built on the basis of universal love.

espiritual_usTo accomplish this goal, we maintain a constant research in human and divine knowledge, so little by little incorporated into the human personality, which we call “The Culture of the Soul”, which is what really gives us a peaceful coexistence, harmonious and enjoyable to all human beings, because its only purpose is to serve others to be happy, because giving is how we receive and the more you give, the more we get the same thing we give. Therefore, the more happiness you bring to your environment, more happiness, love and wisdom you receive, and our evolution on this planet is much faster and more fruitful.

Our association is dedicated to gather all the material and spiritual elements, organized in a logical and coherent, human and spiritual knowledge, beliefs, art, morals, habits and positive attitudes of society, to transform and change the environment surrounding the human being and so build on those individuals who are interested, a profound change in his personality, which allows them to be happy in all areas of your life.

Spiritual and Cultural Area

Adeusa Association supports and promotes art in all its expressions, especially when carrying messages of happiness to society, be it through song, poetry, theatre, dance, music, among others. Constantly offer conferences for all levels of public, with the aim of raising more and more, the cultural level of society, which is nothing more to develop and incorporate human values, natural and divine in man. The need to encourage each individual to be an example to imitate as a citizen worship, polite, respectful, cordial and sample a positive attitude towards life, in order to change the direction of our humanity to a higher civilization by means of a Culture Superior.

The culture that promotes Adeusa , culture is universal, because it has no barriers, no boundaries, nationalities, race, social class, skin color, nor if the person is literate or illiterate (illiterate), and that when incorporated into the human of himself divine values ​​of their own internal God, all these barriers and misconceptions that make you look different to others, fall under its own weight because they are not grounded on solid foundations and is selfless love that only God within oneself, is how we feel.

For all these reasons and many more that you, dear (a) friend (s) visit us through this page, do not be a coincidence that you’re here with us right now, as your God within you is you look really motivating Culture of the Soul and get in touch with us and see for yourself (a) all of this we have explained above. Regardless of which Adeusa flies the flag of the Universal Culture of the Soul.