Dr. Efraín Villegas Quintero

Dr. Efrain Villegas Quintero

(VMA Desoto)

(April 1928 – October 2005)

Maestro DesotoDr Efrain Villegas Quintero spent much of his life to discovering the causes of pain and unhappiness of human beings. Journalist and writer, also a philosopher, philanthropist and teacher in human and spiritual values, the author of three nine books, all of them containing multiple peace and education. He used simple language and profound at the same time, with a rich and varied content, with themes of awareness, science, culture and art.

He proposed formulas specific against drugs, drug trafficking, the smoking habit, or violence against aggression.

Dr Efrain Villegas Quintero was the creator, founder and President of FIADASEC (International Federation of Associations of Social Assistance, Ecological and Cultural), which brings together institutions from different countries worldwide.

His books were geared towards a new culture, a new education highly spiritual awareness while respecting the order and the laws of God, of nature and of men, without distinction of race or color, or nationality, or religion, or party, or social class. His primary strategy to promote peace was based on his concept that the origin of all human conflicts, both at the macro level (war, terrorism, racism, violence) and micro level (close community, family is in the psyche and the human mind. So it was throughout his life, teaching and disseminating many mental purification techniques, psychological and spiritual in order to achieve the release of trauma, addictions, egos and bad habits, respecting the law and the laws both human and divine, which makes the individual free citizen, aware, peaceful and committed to their environment.

Founded, together with other people, canteens for hungry children, in Bolivia, Argentina and the Dominican Republic. As he has given hundreds of lectures at venues in Europe, USA, South and Central America, Caribbean, Japan and Australia. He made ​​important proposals to governments of different countries so that the current teaching system, modified and included issues concerning God, morality, ethics, and so on.

As a humanist spread knowledge about the integral development of human beings since 1963, 42 consecutive years. His effort and work was worth many awards: The University of the Pueblos of Puerto Rico, in 1992, was awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa.

The city of São Paulo set him apart, like the city of Santo Domingo, as a distinguished guest, handing the keys to the city. As a distinguished humanist and his dedicated service to humanity, the Legislative Council of Philadelphia was awarded a award. Likewise, the University Evangelista of Bolivia gave him a diploma of honor .

In December 2004, the Executive Director of the Civil Society “Sowing Values” Dr. Manuel Benitez, he won the gold medal “Mother Teresa of Calcutta”. This is the highest award of the organization in Peru.

He ended his earthly existence on October 26, 2005, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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