Ecological Area

“Upon discovering the advent of a sunset or to observe the aurora in the west, see the flowers and branches arise from the most beautiful season, spring. Watching the squirrels running up and down through the trees, sensing the rich smells of the countryside and green grass, stopping entranced by the majestic flight of a bird, we cannot automatically shut our emotions and we realize that nature has a reason, logic and intelligence that reveals the instinctive great awareness of the Creator. “

eco_nuevo_enThis makes us realize that our planet is our habitat. But we must ask what extent we are contributing to the preservation of himself and his resources? Currently the international scientific community faces many intractable questions. Our world has fallen into an apparent impasse in regard to the overall situation of the planet.

Nuclear Pollution

Problems such as increased global warming due to greenhouse gases, air pollution, water and the environment in general, desertification, destruction of the ozone layer, the indiscriminate felling of forests, forest fires, hurricanes , climate change and ecosystem and increased in intensity and frequency of natural phenomena such as “The boy and girl”, floods, earthquakes, etc.. are some of the most troubling aspects about the future of our planet and therefore ours.


Faced with this panorama of uncertainties created by ourselves, we wonder: How can the ordinary citizen to contribute or do to change that reality? For the association Adeusa, there is much that can still be done. Although the solution to the issues already mentioned above, require a joint effort of all governments and citizens around the world, where each individual begins contributing their bit immediately. So in that sense our projects are aimed to create in every citizen, a full awareness that our planet is a living thing which we must and we must nurture and protect.

Any damage caused to the planet, we we’re doing to ourselves ….. Under this premise, and becoming conscious of the urgent need, Adeusa promotes fear reconstruction and improvement of natural environment, work with authorities to jointly develop a series of activities aimed at re-educating the community in preserving themselves, through reforestation campaigns, packaging and cleaning of parks, gardens, farmland in promoting the recycling of plastics, glass, paper, cans, organic materials and waste, reduce energy consumption and other aspects of no less importance, reporting these needs by existing media (flyers, radio and TV). We promote natural life without the use of many chemicals in the manufacture of household utensils, high pollution that blight our environment.

Our organization works in the civic, social and ecological community with the aim of preserving animal and plant species threatened with extinction, maintaining an intensive campaign of education through conferences, courses, workshops, seminars, radio programs and television in the various states where we work as a way to show people the importance of our habitat, creating a true sense of love, consideration and respect for nature and thus ourselves.

“You are a particularly creative, you have to do this day, the most important and beautiful you’ve ever had in your life”