Logo FiadasecFIADASEC is the International Federation of Associations for Social, Ecological and Cultural Aid that encompasses several associations in different countries whose objective is to elevate the level of consciousness of people with a social, ecological and cultural education. We are a not for profit organization and its members work on a voluntary basis without any interest and altruistically promoting its philosophy, objectives and activities. FIADASEC is also a member of the United Nations in ECOSOC.

FIADASEC receives that assistance of a large group of people who serve unconditionally- professionals, technicians and generous collaborators of all walks of life to promote the integral development of humanity by the instruction of the consciousness and the positive renovation of character.

We are dedicated to the Universal declaration of human rights. We promote the freedom and respect of the diversity of credence’s, religions and cultures as well as constructive opinions for a better life.

We have a child sponsorship program that gives food and education to children born into families that are very poor and needy. We also give health care and family and social orientation.

We are committed and are in solidarity with the needs of those in these counties and we have a vast experience in the elaboration of projects that that destined to help alleviate the suffering and misery of those most in need.

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