Happy Child Project


Being one of the objectives of ADEUSA and FIADASEC search levels of education for poor households and that no child is left without basic education or food in collaboration with public and private entities and the general public, FIADASEC develops sponsorship programs providing food and studies for children from very poor or needy families, as well as medical, family and social orientation, all through the project: “HAPPY CHILD”

Currently this program is running at full capacity in two countries, primarily: Bolivia with Happy Child Foundation and the Dominican Republic with Happy Child Center (CENIFE).

Centro Niñez FelizThe Happy Child Center (CENIFE) develops a social work continuously for children of low income families in Dominican Republic, through a comprehensive program of Child Development and Assistance which aims to raise the standard of living of these children and their families and is carried out in different communities of the country where our four children’s centers operate, these centers are called CEDAS (Center for Development and Social Assistance) which are located in: Santo Domingo, Bani, La Vega and Bonao.

Fundacion Nino FelizHappy Child Foundation is a non profit organization founded with the aim of supporting the most disadvantaged children in Santa Cruz – Bolivia, in its three basic needs: food, health and education.

Happy Child Project Objective:

  • It focuses on improving the condition and quality of life of children and adolescents at risk and social exclusion by encouraging development of their skills and values through responding to their priority to education, nutrition, health and food level needs.
  • We promote the integral development and welfare of our children & their families to prevent high-risk situations that lead them to acquire harmful habits such as alcoholism, drug addiction, gang and others.

Sustainability Child Development Program.

This program is supported by a sponsorship system where individuals, businesses and organizations at national and international levels contribute annually to the contributions required to cover the goods and services received by children that are entering Centers. Likewise, the program is supported by the various projects implemented in ADASEC and conventions and agreements with various national and international institutions.

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How Collaborate: 1. Method of sponsorships apadrinaContribution of US $ 200.00 annually

With this contribution children receive:

  • Food and Nutrition.
  • Health Service.
  • Integral Education and training in values.
  • Strengthening Education.

2. Donations:

  • Food: No perishable.
  • Clothing and shoes.
  • School useful.
  • Cash.

Happy Child Project currently serves:

  • 412 children in the Dominican Republic CEDAS
  • 1079 children in Bolivia

For more information within the United States on how to help can contact us:

Tel .: (212) 923-3872 email: cenife@adeusa.org [/column] [column width=”40%” margin_right=”5%”] No Fields Found.