Irmgard Radefeldt

Dra. Irmgard

Dr. Irmgard Veronica Radefeldt Fonck, was born in Chile to a family of German origin.

She was married to our founder Dr. Efrain Villegas Quintero, Master Desoto, (+ 2005) and tirelessly supported the implementation and construction of his philosophy and work, providing continuity, maintain and update the principles and objectives of his teaching´s, for 22 years.

She has two sons and is married to Mr. Juan Antonio de la Cruz Corrales, who is the International Advisor in the area of development and spiritual growth. She is the President of the ‘Federacion Internacional de Asociaciones de Ayuda Social, Ecológica y Cultural (FIADASEC) (International Federation of Associations for Social, Ecologic and Cultural Aid), with headquarters in Dominican Republic and 39 branches in 14 countries.

As an author, she has published four books: ‘Mi vida junto al Maestro’ (My life along with the Master), Santo Domingo, 1989; ‘Travesía Esencial’ (Essential Journey), Santo Domingo, 2010 (in Spanish); ‘Aura, Espiritualidad y Niveles de Conciencia’ (Aura, Spirituality and Consciousness Levels), Santo Domingo, 2010; ‘Essential Journey’, Author House (English version), January 2012, and “Dialogues from Inner Self to Inner Self”, Santo Domingo 2015.

She is Fiadasec Chief Executive Officer before the UNO Economic and Social Council, since 2007.

On October 3rd, 2011, she was granted the award of becoming Doctor Honoris Causa of Philosophy and Humanities PHD by the Universidad Azteca, in Mexico.

As an international lecturer, she has taught workshops, seminars, courses and conferences in auditoriums in Europe, Latin America and The Caribbean since 1977.

She has devoted herself to the holistic research on the human being and has recorded more than 800 lectures in audio, CD and video, about different techniques to heal the personality and develop human, spiritual and ecologic values.

She is a Rebirther by the Inspiration University of the United States (Leonard Orr) since 1995.

She is a Master in Tibetan Reiki Usui since 1999.

She is often interviewed by the media (press, radio and TV), both locally and internationally.

As a Counsellor to CENIFE, ‘Centro Niño Feliz’ (Happy Child Centre) in Dominican Republic, she coordinates international aid by means of major projects for children in that country.

She is Co-founder of the ‘Fundación Niño Feliz’, (Happy Child Foundation), Bolivian NGO for children. This foundation cares for 2,500 boys and girls every day, as well as for most of their relatives, through the Full Aid system, which also provides for education and health assistance for the parents.

In December 2006, she was granted the medal ‘Madre Teresa de Calcuta’, Peace Nobel Prize, by the Civil Society ‘Sembrando Valores’ (Sowing Values).

She has always shown great readiness to help elevate and transform human pain and suffering, which arises from disconnection from The Sacred. She possesses a great vision of solidarity, which manifests itself and is specifically projected on children, by means of the setting up and running of different canteens for malnourished and extremely poor children, as well as of Centers for Social Aid and Development (Centros de Desarrollo y Asistencia Social) in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Dominican Republic. She is also devoted to promoting Education in Values and for Peace.

She works selflessly and altruistically in the promotion of the philosophy and the principles that she teaches through her own example and through the international activities she takes part in, together with her husband, in order to reach the goals and engagement with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, encouraging freedom and respect to all beliefs, religions and cultures.

The main goal of the institutions she leads and gives advice to is to raise the people’s level of consciousness, by means of a social, ecological, cultural and above all spiritual education, that promotes the holistic development of human beings. She also fosters and encourages the ceaseless effort on the quest for universal peace and peaceful coexistence of the peoples of the world.

Irmgard encourages the conscious experience of Holistic Spirituality and the right to discover the sacred essence dwelling within every human being, in order to find spiritual answers and get the full merge with the Real Self, as learned at Master Desoto’s Spiritual School, and as it shows in her own research, experience and evidence.

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