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Working Together with the Community – Adeusa

This project consisted of the 3 workshops:

  1. “How to cultivate Family Values” by Dr. Irmgard Radefeldt International speaker.

  2. “The Strength of the United Family” by Juan de Cruz international speaker who visited us from Spain.

  3. “Cultivating Values and Ethics” The groups of the city of New York joined: “Working Together for the Community” and the group “Circle of Love for Women Who Love Each Other” and a meeting was held with dynamics, music, meals, Gifts, and conferences, it was a 5 hour activity.

We finished our project with a sharing and delivery of school supplies to children in our community, as some of their parents did not have the resources to buy school supplies for children to start their 2019 school year.

We saw the interest of the participants in applying the techniques they learned to work with their family, much interest in how to communicate better and how to help each other.

They were conferences and dynamic workshop with music, practices and sharing where participants also contributed their ideas.

We have the support of Parents, Teachers, the ADEUSA group and other friends of the community, it was a project sponsored by the Citizens Committee of New York City.

140 people benefited directly. 115 adults and 25 young people.



July 10, 17 y 28, 2019




Citizens Committee of New York City

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