Social Aid Area

Human beings are social by nature, therefore, ADEUSA develops programs, projects and activities that benefit the wider community by helping to promote human values ​​and virtues such as kindness, mercy, charity, selfless service to the Moreover, human sensibility and the unselfish love, thus contributing to the awakening of social consciousness, because ADEUSA know that we all start from the same source and we are all children of God and we are created in His image and likeness, Therefore, all deserve to be happy.

social areaHelp promote and disseminate social, economic, educational, cultural, moral, psychological and human for all human beings, without distinction, while maintaining a continuous, comprehensive education programs, which seek to improve the quality of life people. To this regard, we rely on the fundamental principle that society is an extension of the individual and that each person has the power, if it proposes to transform your life and therefore their environment. Given that society is the sum of the values ​​of its individuals, people with a high sense of responsibility to themselves and to his fellows.

Working for a free society from the scourges of drugs, alcohol, hunger, ignorance, prostitution, violence, bad habits and generally free of vices that threaten the integrity of human beings. Promoted peace and peaceful coexistence, as well as cultural, social, human, ecological and spiritual development of each human being, regardless of the nationality or social class or age, or religious belief or educational level, preparing people to produce profound changes in all levels of your life in love and the fulfillment of human laws, natural and divine, based on respect for the rights of others.